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“As I write, I am nearly three decades older than Sara when she died. In multiple ways, my life has been happy and fulfilled. . . . How is it then that I carry a sore spot deep in my soul for something lost so long ago? I cannot say why, only that this is true. On rare occasions, I am again three, wishing for my mother more than anything in the world.”

Virginia journalist Margaret Edds was three when her vibrant young mother died in 1950. How do you discover a woman you barely knew? If you’re lucky like Edds, you unearth hundreds of letters that lead you from southern Tennessee to a World War II city that helped birth the atomic bomb to the Kentucky coal fields and deep into the human heart. Finding Sara is a unique and heartwarming memoir that resurrects a lost relationship and a gentler America.

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“Beautifully told and incredibly moving…
achingly real.”

Lee Smith, author of
The Lost Girls, Southern Book Critics Circle Award


“The reader will take an unforgettable journey through Margaret’s writing…A must read for those searching for their past.”
Maggi Vaughn, Poet Laureate of Tennessee