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Finding Your Own Mother

Not everyone will have a stash of letters written by their mother. But almost everyone can gain a deeper understanding of their mother by following a few simple steps.

First and foremost, start now. Had I begun my journey just a few years earlier, many more of Sara’s contemporaries would have been alive. But beyond that, there are some very specific things, and I’ve included a list of them in the book, starting with “make a timeline.” Begin with the obvious dates: births, deaths, graduations, marriages. Then fill in the details. How old was she when her own mother and father died? Where was she, and in what stage of life, when major world events occurred? What were the critical turning points in her life? It’s astonishing how much that can reveal.

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“Moving and intense. . . . Margaret Edds writes openly and from the heart.”
Roberta Culbertson, Direction, Center on Violence and Community, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities


“Finding Sara reminds you to never underestimate the significance of a handwritten letter, and
that in finding someone
we sometimes
find ourselves.”

Lynne Hughes, Founder and CEO, Comfort Zone Camp